"I firmly believe all women no matter, size, race, or gender orientation deserve to feel beautiful, empowered and celebrated!"

Hi There Beautiful!! I am Sarah! Owner and Boss Babe behind Sarah Renee Boudoir. I am so thrilled you stopped by! Most people would say I am a silly, fun loving, care-free lady that is a bit of a dork and a total klutz. You can regularly find me wandering the aisles of Target, perusing travel sites for a quick getaway, or eating some Tacos.

I am a momma bear to my little mini me Kaidence, you can usually find me chasing her around, while sporting a messy bun, yoga pants, and drinking hour old cold coffee.

I'm a complete believer that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN should have the opportunity to experience a boudoir session. It is so important that as women we remember that we are perfect just as we are and boudoir is the perfect way to feel SEXY, BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT in who you are! 

I am Sarah the Boss Babe and Photographer behind
Sarah Renee Boudoir

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Our Studio

Still have some questions? We have some answers!


Q. Where is the studio?

A. Our amazing little studio is located technically in Parma but we it comes up Cleveland if you search it. It's located just off 77 and 480 on Broadview Road at near the corner of Rockside Rd. It is super easy to find and has tons of parking so you never have to pay for parking or find a place to park and walk forever to get there!

Q. Do I have to do Hair and Makeup?

A. Hair and Makeup is always included in our packages. Why? Because it really makes the experience! We love that you get to start off the day with a little pampering. Also it really brings up the photos that extra notch to make you look and feel like the amazing and gorgeous woman you already are!

Q. Do you photoshop the images?

A. I do not overly edit nor photoshop my lovely ladies that come in. I do make adjustments and touchup skin blemishes, acne, imprint lines (from clothing or the furniture) or bruising. However I do not airbrush my images to an unrealistic standard. I believe you are perfect just as you are and I am not about to go changing you in photoshop. 

Q. Do I have to pay the full amount up front?

A. Nope! I only require a retainer in the amount of $100 to book your session (this goes to schedule and confirm hair and makeup). But I do offer pre-payment plans if you want to get a jump start on your session cost and products.

Q. When do I get to see my images and order my products?

A. After your session, we will schedule your Ordering and Viewing Session typically within 1-2 weeks. You come back to the studio and will then view your AMAZING IMAGES and select which ones you love, which fine art products and keepsakes you would like and then we order your artwork! Seriously it's that amazing and that quick!

Q. Do I get the digital files?

A. You will receive a high-resolution digital copy of every image you purchase during your viewing session. The best bang for the buck is always getting an album. You get all images included in your album as a full resolution digital file with print release as well as a fricking gorgeous ALBUM! WIN-WIN!!

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. YES!! We have two types of payment plans available. Most of our ladies take advantage of our in house PRE-PAYMENT plans that way they can get their products faster and we can order them immediately. However, if you aren't in a rush you can always take advantage of our post session payment plans. Minimum purchase is $500 to set one up. 

Q. Do I get to choose how my images are shared?

A. YES ALWAYS! We believe your privacy is super important so we always have you choose your level of comfort for sharing purposes during your viewing session. We never share anything you are not comfortable with. The photo release is always up to you and we honor your decision no matter what.

Q. This sounds amazing, How does a girl book a session?

A. First, go ahead and fill out the form below with your info and desired shoot month. We typically book up 2-3 months in advance. Once we get your info we will email you and set up a quick call and go over our open and available dates for you to choose from, then get your deposit and contract to you. That's it pretty simple! 

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Thank You

First you are probably wondering who is that girl over there... YEP you guessed it... that's me! I believe in what I do and I think there is nothing more important than showing that.

Thank you so much for visiting and checking out our work!

I can not wait to chat with you and learn more about you and how I can make your portraits as stress-free and enjoyable as possible

I can not wait chat with you.


Q. Do I really get my full investment as an art credit?

A. Yes! I want you to have beautiful pieces of art to display in your home so your FULL Collection price comes back to you in the form of an Art Credit that you get to spend during your Guided Art Experience. It's like going on a little shopping spree.

Q. What is a Guided Art Experience?

A. After your wedding, we will schedule a time for us to get together to view the images from you wedding day. You will then select the images, fine art products and keepsakes you would like to have in your home, using the Art Credit that comes with your Collection.

Q. How long will it take to get my images back?

A. Typical my editing time is 4-6 weeks. On some occasions you may get them a little sooner. We will schedule your Guided Art Experience once your gallery is ready.

Q. Do I get the digital files?

A. You will receive a high-resolution digital copy of every image you purchase during your Guided Art Experience - as well as a FULL gallery of web-sized images perfect for sharing on social media. Additional full-resolution files are available for purchase through your gallery.

I AM SO EXCITED TO CONNECT WITH YOU AND help you reconnect with you!

Let's bring back your beauty